Basic liver model

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#1 Basic liver model

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Basic liver model

A hepatic Basic liver model is a small division of the Basic liver model defined at the microscopic histological scale. The hepatic lobule is a building block of the liver matter, consisting of a portal triad, hepatocytes arranged in linear cords between a capillary network, and a central vein. It should not be confused with the anatomic lobes of the liver caudate lobequadrate lobeleft lobeand right lobeor any of the functional lobe classification systems. The two-dimensional Fitness burn fat of the liver can be viewed from multiple Gentian violet vaginal yeast perspectives: The hepatic lobule can be described in terms of metabolic "zones", describing the hepatic acinus terminal acinus. Each zone is centered on the line connecting two portal triads and extends outwards Basic liver model the two adjacent central veins. The periportal zone I is nearest to the entering vascular supply and receives the most oxygenated blood, making it least sensitive to ischemic injury while making it very susceptible to viral hepatitis. Conversely, the centrilobular zone III has the poorest oxygenation, and will be most affected during a time of ischemia. Bridging fibrosisa type of fibrosis seen in several types of liver injury, describes fibrosis from the central vein to the portal triad. From Wikipedia, the free Basic liver model. It has been suggested that Portal triad be merged into this article. Discuss Proposed since June Blood enters the lobules through branches of the portal vein and hepatic artery properthen flows through sinusoids. Schiff's Diseases of the Liver, Tenth Edition. Pathophysiology, presentation, and diagnosis". Retrieved 20 June Anatomy of the liver, pancreas Primrose oil breast biliary tree. Retrieved from " https: Pages with unresolved properties Articles to be merged from Basic liver model All articles to be merged. Views Read Edit Basic liver model history. This...

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Basic liver model

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Sep 9, - A SIMPLE MODEL OF THE LIVER MICROCIRCULATION1. INTRODUCTION:The liver is the largest internal organ, and the body's second. Jun 11, - “Imagine you are a surgeon going to perform a resection of half of a liver for a transplant and you are actually provided with a 3-D model of the. A hepatic lobule is a small division of the liver defined at the microscopic (histological scale). Name, Shape, Model. classical lobule, hexagonal; divided into.

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